Forum Rules

Please abide by these rules:  (1/19/03)

Note: If the Forum emails a person that has caused a problem on the Forum 
and informs them of said offense and then that person causes a second offence 
within 2 months, the person will be banned from the forum indefinitly. 
1) Do not give your UserId and Password out to non-forum members. 
   You maybe put on probation or be asked to leave the Forum if you 
   violate this rule.  You may give your password to immediate family.
2) Refrain from using profanity on the Main Board and Chat room.
3) Moderators oversee the forums. They will have the ability to 
   edit and delete posts, move threads, and perform other manipulations. 
   Becoming a moderator for a specific forum is usually rewarded to users 
   who are particularly helpful and knowledgeable in the subject of the 
   forum they are moderating.

4) Personal attacks will not be tolerated and may result in banning.

5) You will not post material that is knowingly defamatory, illegal, 
   abusive, threatening, harassing, or racially offensive. As with 
   anything, you will use good common sense. In other words, you agree 
   not to be a jerk.

6) You will not post material that is sexually or otherwise obscene.

7) You agree that if any of these rules are abused, the offending message 
   may be removed without prior notice, and if you repeatedly violate any 
   of these rules or otherwise seek to disrupt the board then the 
   administrators can disable your account at their discretion. You also 
   agree that this is private property and you are our guest, and that we 
   (Maverick / Comet Internet Forum) reserve the right to delete any message.

8) You recognize the real-time nature of this Forum: 
   we (Maverick / Comet Internet Forum) cannot always monitor the contents 
   of posted messages, and we depend upon you to inform us when participants 
   or their messages are violating our policy as stated here. You also 
   recognize that we cannot respond immediately to such notices and that some 
   time may pass before any warranted action is taken.

9) You recognize that we (Maverick / Comet Internet Forum) do not vouch for or 
   warrant the accuracy of any information posted here, and that any message 
   expresses the views of its author, not necessarily the views of this Forum 
   or any entity associated with this Forum.