1976 Maverick Stallion

Below is Wilbur Green's 76 Stallion from Plymounth, Ohio @ spaulo86@yahoo.com

Below is Wes Notovitz 76 Stallion from Pittsburgh, PA @ Officer64@aol.com




Here's a Maverick with a little extra kick! Beautiful proof that economy can still be fun and exciting! We call it our Stallion Group option for 2-Door models. It's a real head-turner that's more than just a racy paint job!

Only 5529 Made!

Interior: The Standard interior comes with a bench seat with Black Random Stripe cloth and vinyl upholstery. You may also choose an optional all-vinyl bench seat trim or sporty bucket seats, in black vinyl, which are part of the Luxury Decor Interior.

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DR70 x 14 RWL steel-belted
  raise white letter radial
  ply tires* 

Heavy-duty suspension 

* DR78 x 14 tires in California 

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Under the hood sat a 250 cid 
inline six, but those preferring 
a more spirited mount could 
order a two-barrel 302 V8
delivering power throught a
four-speed manual.

Maverick Stallion: 
2-Door Sedan               Sales Number 91
Major Standard Features:

This new option group is designed for the 
sports-minded Maverick Owner.


* Black Treatment on grille
* Black treatment on front end
* Black windshield molding
* Black wiper arms
* Black backlite molding
* Dual black outside mirrors (left-hand remote-
* Stallion decal on front fenders
* Special paint/tape treatment on hood, roof, 
  decklid and lower body
* Distinctive fuel cap
* Styled Magnesium wheels

* Came in five colors, Silver, Red, Yellow,
  White and Silver Blue.

Option Restrictions: 

The Maverick Stallion is not available with the
following options:

  * Exterior Decor Group
  * Luxury Decor Group
  * Rocker Panel Molding
  * Bodyside Accent Paint Stripe
  * Dual Color-Keyed Outside Mirrors
  * Styled steel wheels
  * Trim Rings with Hub Caps



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